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At Inverell Concreting & Construction, we specialise in creating durable and high-quality house and shed slabs for all types of projects. Whether you need a sturdy foundation for your single garage residential build up to a large slab for a farm or commercial shed, our team has the expertise and experience to deliver.

Our concrete slabs are made from high-quality materials that we source from local suppliers and are guaranteed to last years. We have installed 100’s of concrete slabs and have over 2 decades of experience in the concrete industry, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality concrete slabs when you contact us. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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How much will a concrete slab cost in Inverell?
The typical cost of a concrete slab in Inverell is between $108 and $125 per square metre. If your slab will be placed on a flat, easily accessible piece of ground, the cost will be on the lower end of the range. The cost will be affected by the size and thickness of your slab, as well as the ease of access to your site. We are happy to prove a free quote for your next project.
How much will a concrete driveway cost
For a simple concrete driveway in Inverell it typically costs between $108 and $125 per square metre. A decorative pebblecrete, stencilled, or stamped concrete driveway can cost double the cost of a simple concrete driveway per square metre. We are happy to prove a free quote for your next project.
I only have a small job, can you do it? or do you only do big jobs?
We'd love to be able to help with your small concreting or building job. Small or large jobs, it doesn't matter to us. We're always grateful for your business no matter what size of job it is.
How long will it take to complete the job?
The answer will depend on several factors, but generally for an average sized job we can complete the job in 1-2 days. Once complete you will need to wait a few days for the concrete to set before using the area. We can discuss this in further detail.
Are you local?
Yes we are based in Inverell and provide a local service with a local team. We can also service Ashford, Delungra, Bingara, Warialda, Yetman, Graman, Bundarra, Tingha, Glen Innes and Emmaville.
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